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    Communication Rules:

    ‘Scratch Playing’ : Bad quality music mic-spamming.

    ‘Hot Mic-ing’ : Leaving your mic on for non-game purposes

    ‘False Reporting’ : Making fraudulent reports can have yourself punished

    ‘Adverts’ : Advertising other TF2 servers is acceptable, but advertising private marketplace and gambling sites is punishable. (Examples: TF2Pot, kickback, csgofade,, tf2bet). Advertising hack programs is punishable.

    ‘Chat Spam’ : Spamming chat or spamming chat binds is punishable.

    ‘Phony Admin’ : Impersonating an admin of any sort.

    ‘Excessive Discrimination’ : Normally we have a ‘thick skin policy.’ Obvious excessive detriment to another player is punishable.

    Exploiting Rules:

    ‘Map Exploits’ : Exploiting glitches in the map is punishable. Finding a first time exploit is a warning (or a thank you if you report it immediately). Using a widely known exploit is immediately punishable.

    ’Dodging AFK Manager’ : Using commands (console commands like +left, +attack, etc) or other techniques to avoid the AFK manager is punishable.

    Impairing Team Advancement:

    : Refusing to help your team is punishable.

    ‘Team Crippling’ : Using tactics to harm your team is punishable (Examples: Teleporter Traps, Blocking Scopes)

    Third Party Exploits:

    ‘Hacking’ : Using any form of hacks is punishable.

    : Scamming on our servers is punishable with scam tags and/or more.

    ‘Sharking’ : Using the forums or servers for finding users to scam.

    Federal Law

    Breaking federal laws on the servers and forums are not only punishable by Rushy Servers but evidence against you can be corresponded to federal law protectorates. The following are common federal crimes …

    -Posting or chatting ones’ personal information or address without their consent.

    -Acquiring, reproducing, and distributing illicit material (child pornography, loli/shotacon, gore, etc)

    -Threatening or committing to DDoSing Rushy servers or forums.

    Report Rule Breaking Here …

    How to record a demo …

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