Okay im going to do a real one this time.

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    Servers: Zombie Survival I would primarily play the california or chicago servers for zombie survival but im willing to travel

    Average hours spent on our servers in a week (Split by type if applying for multiple server types):
    ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it depends how much work and college is keeping me busy i can range from 20 to 80 hours a week
    Country and State:
    United States and Florida
    English and some Swedish
    Need to be a mature age, normally this is 16+ but exceptions can be made
    Steam link: Link to your steam profile
    Rushy Servers Stats link:

    Zombie survival is all about having fun your way and jacks little meta can be damned. there is no way to classify the fun way to play zombie survival for every player. I personally like to play it like hide and seek but the "correct" way is to bunch up in a corner as a group where you are hard to get to, go deaf for about five minutes, then try and survive the boosted hoarde.

    Moderator Experience:
    I have moderated several discords and have worked at a middle school as an instructor. If that doesnt count as moderation im not sure what does.

    Additional Information:
    I have played videogames for eightteen years and have some experience in programming in python. I believe bannanabusboat,peri, and nighttrot would support my application.
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    Your moderator application is poorly formatted both gramatically and structurally, and your understanding is not insufficient, but incorrect.