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    Servers: I am looking to join the Rushy idle/trade AU/NZ #1 server moderators.

    Average hours spent on our servers per week: I play about 7-10 hours a week.

    Country and State: I live in NSW Australia

    Languages: <English>

    Age: I'm 17. born 26/06/2001

    Steam profile:

    Rushy Servers Stats link:

    Understanding: [idle/trade]
    The Rushy idle/trade server is a sever where you can go idle and trade, you go idle to gain items via the Item drop system.
    Trading is were you trade items for other items such as keys,hats,taunts. But most people on the server dont do either, they mostly play somewhat of a deathmatch but with a twist.
    In this server there are grapping hooks that you can use to move around the map at very fast speeds. the RTD/Role the dice is a random set of up sides and downsides such as godmode,crits,explode,low health.

    Another aspect of this server is the players, the players are always changing, some are new players and some are old players. Each has a different way that they play on the server, some like to be friendly and others like to kill anyone on sight.

    The moderators on this server are some of the nicest people I've ever met, they help people when they are in need of assistance such as when a hacker joins the server and needs to be banned, when someone's being mean to someone and needs a moderator to defuse the situation.

    I enjoy playing on this server because of the freedom it gives you, you can go anywhere you want and you form Alliances with others to reduce the chaos. Sometimes its fun just to talk to others and see what's on their mind.
    But usually I kill anyone that causes trouble to keep the peace and I also help new players out and give them tips on how to get better.

    I feel that I have enough experience on this server and team fortress 2 to understand how to community works, I get along with most of the people on the server and I know most of the moderators and would consider them to be friends.

    I have been playing on this server for 2-3 years and know almost everyone on the server. I started playing TF2 in mid 2009 and I have the Cheater's Lament to prove it and I wear it proudly as a loyal team fortress 2 player.

    Moderator Experience: I currently have not been a Moderator before but have been a moderator and admin on discord severs and knew many moderators from my CSS days. I also have the other Moderators to help me out.

    Additional Information: My hobbies are gaming,shooting,roller skating

    extra-curriculum activities: I watch a lot of videos about science and have learnt lots from them

    moderator friends: I am friends with Yellow Sage,Domess,BananaWillRule
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    I approve the content of this Moderator Application. It shall now be up to Rushy to decide wheter he wishes to approve your application.

    On a side note: I'm very impressed on how descriptive you were on a gamemode like idle/trade.
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    I give the approval stamp. *stamps*
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    I honestly believe you could make a great Mod with your honesty and willingness to learn. That's just my 2 cents though

    Up to rushy now. Good luck <3