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    Click here to view Wordpress version (this is more likely to be up to date, but won't load inside TF2 MOTD browser)

    Equally Randomised (EqR) is a fork of TF2Tightrope's Project Ghost that first appeared in early April 2017. The fork has been programmed by Rushy and Jack5 and contains new plugins as well as balances and improvements to the original content. If this Strategy Guide is lacking information, or you would simply like to talk to veterans of the gamemode, then feel free to create a thread within the Rushy Servers Equally Randomised topic.

    Each map generally lasts 17 rounds. The first round is a Waiting for Players round, which lasts 30 seconds and always ends in a stalemate (tie). No players receive their loadouts during this round, meaning all players are civilians. In the other 16 rounds, mods and bonus conditions (the driving force of Equally Randomised) are enabled. These rounds average out to a minute each. Mods force teams to be certain classes and sport a certain loadout, and rare bonus conditions add a little flavour to a mod. If no team is fully dead or the control point has not been claimed by 2 minutes into the round, a stalemate occurs.

    Final Stand
    Final Stand always begins 1 minute into a round. Once Final Stand is active, every player becomes visible through walls and is marked for death, which means all damage is registered as no less than mini-crits. Also, if a player stands on a control point, they are gifted with guaranteed full criticals, so long as their feet are physically on the point rather than in the point's general area.

    Scoring and Map Changes
    The scoreboard (accessible by holding TAB) dictates which team is leading. If a team racks up 9 or more points, they have won Equally Randomised for that map. It is possible to tie at 8-8. A game can be interrupted by a collective Rock The Vote (!rtv), which forces a map change as soon as it is called. If this interruption does not occur, a standard, non-automatic map vote will happen as soon as the 16th (2nd last) round is over. If all players disconnect, the map resets to a pending 1st round, Waiting for Players.

    Hiding Giant Viewmodels
    For some reason, Equally Randomised completely disregards the 'minimised viewmodels' setting when giving you weapons. If you happen to find a viewmodel too intrusive (for example, a Scout with the Tomislav, or a Spy with the Sharpened Volcano Fragment) then type the command !cantsee into chat to make the viewmodel transparent. You can also type the command (bind k "say !cantsee") into the console so that every time you press K your current viewmodel will be made transparent. You can do this with any key. The command does nothing during the Third Person bonus condition.

    A moderator has the ability to force enable a mod and/or bonus condition per round. If you see them on Equally Randomised, you are welcome to suggest mods and bonus conditions that could happen in the next round, so long as you provide them with the indexes (rather than the names) of what you would like.

    Bonus Conditions
    On rare occasions, a round can have a bonus effect attached to it. These range from purely cosmetic to game-changing and last until the start of the next round. Below is the list of bonuses, sorted alphabetically with their indexes preceding their names:

    • 10 - 1 HP
    • 12 - Bunny Hop
    • 9 - Giant
    • 4 - Joy of Killing
    • 1 - Kritz
    • 6 - Low Grav
    • 0 - Milked
    • 3 - Pee Pee
    • 2 - Speedy
    • 8 - Third Person
    • 5 - Tiny
    • 7 - Trail
    • 11 - Voice Spam
    • 777 Super Bonus Round 777 (cannot be enforced by moderators, completely random)
    1 HP
    As the name implies, all players' health is set to 1 at the start of the round. As a Medic, this shouldn't be any trouble to you because of your auto-heal. Do not be discouraged if you are not a Medic, however, for you will be able to pick up health kits on maps that have them.

    Bunny Hop
    During this bonus condition, the old system of bunny-hopping in TF2 is enabled. In order to B-hop, simply hold the space bar (without pressing the forward or backward key) after an initial forward leap. By doing so, you will gradually build up speed, which is multiplied per jump. If you want to turn left or right mid-jump, then hold the key for the direction you wish to go in and turn the camera to face that direction. Crashing into an obstacle will cause you to lose speed.

    Everyone becomes a giant with a low-pitched voice. You will now have to crouch through small areas such as windows and short doorways

    Joy of Killing
    After killing an enemy, the attacker is forced to laugh, even if they are in midair during their enemy's death. This leaves any attackers extremely vulnerable, so it is important to stay in groups and protect any laughing teammates.

    All players get guaranteed critical hits. This usually implies one or two hit kills, so be sure to keep your distance from any attackers. The control point critical hit guarantee and being Jarate'd do not add to or reduce the bonus condition's effect.

    Low Grav
    Gravity is turned down quite a bit during this bonus condition. Unsurprisingly, this makes dodging enemy fire quite difficult. To turn away from a dangerous situation while in the air, let go of forward and instead hold the direction you'd wish to turn, all while turning the camera in that direction. Do this slowly, however, as if you do it too quickly you will lose all of your mid-air speed. Your safest bet is simply not to jump.

    Every player now has a permanent Mad Milk coating, meaning a portion of damage they take will be returned as health to their attackers. It can be washed off on maps that have water.

    Pee Pee
    Every player now has a permanent Jarate coating, meaning all damage is registered as no less than mini-crits. Final Stand does not increase or decrease the mini-crit power caused by the Jarate, though the capture point crit boost upgrades to full criticals as usual. The Jarate can be washed off on maps that have water.

    During this bonus condition, every player is permanently sped up as if they had been whipped by the Disciplinary Action.

    Third Person
    All players can now see their entire character, not just their hands and their weapons. This can potentially make it harder for players to aim with hit-scan weapons (such as shotguns and pistols) and melee, but explosive weapons are generally unaffected by the change in perspective.

    Everyone becomes tiny with a high-pitched voice. You become incredibly easy to launch from explosive damage, and will likely die from fall damage if you are thrown about too much, so avoid using any form of sticky-jumping or rocket-jumping unless you are incredibly certain you will land a kill.

    All players leave behind a trail (corresponding to their team's colour) that stretches out for 2.5 seconds. This will make hiding from enemies exceptionally difficult, so be sure to always stay on your toes and keep a watch behind your shoulders.

    Voice Spam
    For everyone's pleasure, the limit to TF2 voice commands is completely lifted during this bonus condition. If you're not sure of what this does, simply spam the Z and 1 keys while the condition is active. Once you've learnt how to voice spam, you can access other voice commands by spamming Z, X or C, followed by the number that corresponds to what you want your character to say. Single-response voice commands such as "Dispenser Here" do not work as intended.

    777 Super Bonus Round 777
    The Super Bonus Round combines a number of bonus conditions into one hectic round, including Low Grav and Milked.

    Mods are the meat of Equally Randomised. These configuration files affect the classes and loadouts allowed for an entire round. Most mods focus on one class only, though there are a few mods that put two different classes against each other. There are also mods that add special attributes to existing weapons to create an entirely new experience (these weapons have a + after them in this mod list). Everyone is switched to the required class and their loadout replaced with what the mod specifies at the start of every round (except the 1st), so you do not need to own any of the mod weapons beforehand. Below is the list of mods, sorted alphabetically with their indexes preceding their names:

    • 4 - Aliens in Boston?!
    • 22 - Assassin's Shpees
    • 39 - Atomic Tomislav Scouts
    • 14 - Boost, Bonk, Bam!
    • 26 - Bring the Pain
    • 3 - Caber w/ Sticky Jumper
    • 46 - Charge 'n' Recharge
    • 7 - Cleaver w/ Sandman
    • 44 - CoD Simulator
    • 31 - Crossbow Medic Battle
    • 43 - Death Sticks!
    • 28 - Direct Hit me!
    • 27 - D.O.O.M
    • 47 - Do You Believe in Magic?
    • 17 - Engiman and the Golden Wrench
    • 32 - Experimental Doctors
    • 1 - Eyelander w/ Charge
    • 36 - Fast + Furious
    • 25 - Fat Scouts
    • 2 - Ferret Manoeuvers
    • 20 - G'day Gentlemen: Sniper vs Spy
    • 48 - Get Donked On
    • 38 - Go Go Fast Fatties!
    • 18 - High Flyers
    • 29 - Holiday Steak Heavies
    • 6 - Hunting Season: Snipers vs Bears
    • 23 - Huntsman Snipers w/ Shahanshah
    • 15 - Katana Battle w/ Jumpers
    • 5 - KGB w/ 6-bullet Shotgun
    • 21 - Mantreads Mario
    • 49 - Mini-Sentry Battle
    • 13 - M1+M2 Combo
    • 11 - Needlegun Battle
    • 24 - Overclocked Oktoberfest
    • 40 - Payback is here: Long vs Short range
    • 33 - Pee Fetish Snipers
    • 30 - Pistol War!
    • 19 - Pyromaniac Spies
    • 42 - Randomizer Engies
    • 41 - Rockets vs Reflects
    • 37 - Round Robin Rockets
    • 9 - Saw through their Bones!
    • 10 - Short Circuit 2 Good??
    • 16 - Tricksy Quicksy Bombers
    • 34 - Trust No-one
    • 12 - Tryhard Mode
    • 8 - Quad Shotgun Heavies
    • 35 - Quick Draw Amby Battle
    • 45 - Zombies are free!
    Aliens in Borneo?!

    Class: Scout. Items: Fishcake, Neon Annihilator.

    Avoid stepping into water, for once you are wet, any melee strike from an enemy will cause you to die far quicker. If you are ever low on health, drop your Fishcake onto the ground while running into it to quickly regain some health without compromising speed. You can drop the Fishcake by pressing MOUSE2.

    Assassin's Shpees

    Class: Spy. Items: Revolver, Your Eternal Reward.

    Spies get no cloak during this mod, so you're stuck with using your revolver. Always have your revolver out, even if you are behind an enemy, in case they happen to turn around. Only if they are helplessly distracted should you attempt to backstab and gain their disguise.

    Atomic Tomislav Scouts

    Class: Scout. Items: Tomislav, Atomizer +.

    • Atomizer +
      • 300 max health on wearer
    You're able to spin-up your mini gun whilst in the air, which will not affect airborne velocity. Use this in combination with the triple jump to unleash an aerial assault, but avoid being ambushed. While hiding, have the Tomislav ready to fire. It makes no noise whilst primed, perfect for surprising unfortunate guests.

    Boost, Bonk, Bam!

    Class: Scout. Items: Force-a-Nature, Crit-a-Cola, Holy Mackerel.

    Drink the Crit-a-Cola while hiding close to the action, then rack up some kills on your Baby Face's Blaster in order to gain speed. It is not advised to double jump during this mod, for you will lose most of your BFB speed boost.

    Bring the Pain

    Class: Pyro. Items: Rocket Launcher, Pain Train.

    Despite being Pyros, the loadout is a pretty standard Soldier one, the Rocket Launcher and the Pain Train, so play like a Soldier. Shoot the ground nearest enemies to deal the most damage.

    Caber w/ Sticky Jumper

    Class: Demoman. Items: Sticky Jumper, Ullapool Caber +.

    • Ullapool Caber +
      • 100% critical hit vs non-burning players
    Avoid travelling in groups during this mod, because the Ullapool Caber deals explosive damage upon its first hit. It is also recommended to stay in indoor or otherwise enclosed areas where aerial attacks are unheard of.

    Charge 'n' Recharge [No Strategy]

    Class: Soldier. Items: Cow Mangler 5000, Sun-on-a-Stick.

    Visit rushyservers.com if you want to create a strategy for this mod.

    Cleaver w/ Sandman

    Class: Scout. Items: Flying Guillotine +, Sandman.

    • Flying Guillotine +
      • Charge rate increase (by unknown value)
    Strike your foes with the secondary attack of the Sandman, then hit these stunned enemies with the Flying Guillotine. Afterwards, use the quick regeneration of the Flying Guillotine to inflict bleeding damage while you wait for your baseball to restock.

    CoD Simulator

    Class: Sniper. Items: Machina, Mad Milk, Equalizer.

    From long range, use the scoped-in Machina to body shot your targets. Stay under cover while travelling from long to close range, then throw the Mad Milk to gain health from hurting enemies with your melee. Make sure you sidestep while approaching since a well-lined up Machina shot deals consistent damage no matter the range.

    Crossbow Medic Battle

    Class: Medic. Items: Crusader's Crossbow +, Solemn Vow.

    • Crusader's Crossbow +
      • On Hit: Bleed for 5 seconds
      • 1000 secondary ammo
    Crossbow bolts will bleed anyone they hit, so if you are tagged, retreat to a safe place and find a friendly Medic who will be willing to help you heal up. You can indicate you are in need of medical attention by crouching or calling for Medic by pressing Z, then 1.

    Death Sticks!

    Class: Scout. Items: Boston Basher +.

    • Boston Basher +
      • Damage increase (by unknown value)
      • Unusual Effect: Misty Skull
    Whatever you do, don't swing (unless you are absolutely certain you will hit the enemy), otherwise, you will die. Focus your attention on tricking other Scouts into swinging themselves.

    Direct Hit me!

    Class: Soldier. Items: Direct Hit, Disciplinary Action.

    To get to the front lines quicker, whip nearby Soldiers at spawn with your melee. You will only need to use the melee sparingly once at the frontlines, so focus your efforts on shooting the ground nearest enemies as well as air-shotting once in battle.


    Class: Soldier. Items: Original, Escape Plan.

    The most standard Soldier mod of them all. Remember to aim at the ground to deal the most damage and to run away with the Escape Plan if your health is extremely low.

    Do You Believe in Magic? [No Strategy]

    Class: Pyro. Items: Rainblower, Lollichop.

    Visit rushyservers.com if you want to create a strategy for this mod.

    Engiman and the Golden Wrench

    Class: Engineer. Items: Golden Wrench +, PDA.

    • Golden Wrench +
      • +400% damage vs buildings
      • +50% bullet damage resistance on wearer
      • +25 max health on wearer
      • Unusual Effect: Miami Nights
    In this mod, your goal is to immediately gain a definitive hold on the control point, even before it is unlocked. Rush to the point as quickly as possible and build sentries close to it (you will be able to build a dispenser once your metal regenerates), then rush towards the enemy's defense opposite yours. Since your wrench deals one-hit damage against enemy buildings, do your best to take them out, but do not forget about the enemy Engineers themselves.

    Experimental Doctors

    Class: Medic. Items: Widowmaker, Pain Train.

    Since your primary is the Widowmaker, it is incredibly important that you land your shots in order to continue firing. If you miss too many shots, you will be forced to resort to your melee whilst your metal regenerates.

    Eyelander w/ Charge

    Class: Demoman. Items: Splendid Screen (or any other shield equipped), Eyelander.

    This melee weapon has an impressive attack range, and Demomen also get the ability to charge with right-click, so when used carefully these weapons can quickly eliminate enemies. Shield bashing is an option in close combat but is not recommended when flanking because you will alert the enemy team of your presence.

    Fast + Furious

    Class: Scout. Items: SMG +, Memory Maker.

    • SMG +
      • Clip size increase (by unknown value)
    Always prioritise shooting with the SMG over hitting enemies with the Memory Maker. Your SMG has a ton of ammo, so there is no need to stop firing unless you'd like to mask your position.

    Fat Scouts

    Class: Heavy. Items: Shotgun +, Dalokohs Bar, Fists.

    • Shotgun +
      • +150 maximum health
    Eat the Dalokohs Bar as soon as you spawn and just before you reach the frontlines in order to reach your maximum of 500 HP (50 above actual maximum), then use a combination of your shotgun and the Eviction Notice, switching to the chocolate again whenever it is safest. Don't forget to take some time to reload your shotgun.

    Ferret Manoeuvers

    Class: Sniper. Items: Scorch Shot, Axtinguisher.

    Light enemies on fire with your Scorch Shot, then switch to the Axtinguisher and attempt to hit them whilst they are on fire for a guaranteed critical hit.

    G'day Gentlemen: Sniper vs Spy [No Strategy]

    RED Class: Sniper. Items: Hitman's Heatmaker, Cleaner's Carbine, Tribalman's Shiv.


    BLU Class: Spy. Items: L'Etranger, Black Rose, Quäckenbirdt.

    Visit rushyservers.com if you want to create a strategy for this mod.

    Get Donked On [No Strategy]

    Class: Heavy. Items: Loose Cannon, Conscientious Objector +.

    • Conscientious Objector +
      • -100 max health on wearer
    Visit rushyservers.com if you want to create a strategy for this mod.

    Go Go Fast Fatties!

    Class: Heavy. Items: Sandvich, Gloves of Running Urgently.

    Have your boxing gloves out at all times in order to run faster. Only when you are completely safe from danger should you eat your Sandvich. If you do not need it, drop it by pressing MOUSE2 for someone who does.

    High Flyers

    Class: Scout. Items: Force-a-Nature, Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol, Atomizer.

    You can use the Atomizer's triple jump and the Force-a-Nature's bullet jump to reach higher round. Otherwise, you should use the Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol, which has a very low bullet spread and deals the most consistent damage. The Force-a-Nature is OK to use if you plan on switching to the pistol immediately after.

    Holiday Steak Heavies

    Class: Heavy. Items: Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Holiday Punch. HP: 300.

    Eat your steak while hiding near the front lines, then attack with your melee. Being attacked will force you to laugh unless you are in the air, so be sure to jump constantly. If you have made an enemy laugh, it is better to punch them to death than to taunt-kill, since it is rather common for players to miss taunt-kills.

    Hunting Season: Snipers vs Bears

    RED Class: Heavy. Items: Buffalo Steak Sandvich, Warrior's Spirit.


    BLU Class: Sniper. Items: Huntsman, Bushwacka.

    Snipers, keep your distance from the Heavies and refrain from using melee. The Heavies will eat their steaks while under cover, and this will give them a speed boost, which surpasses Sniper speed, and also critical hits.

    Huntsman Snipers w/ Shahanshah

    Class: Sniper. Items: Huntsman, Shahanshah.

    It is much better to click to shoot an arrow instead of hold, since holding your arrows will give other players a better chance of hitting you. Instead, focus your efforts of sidestepping and avoiding fire.

    Katana Battle w/ Jumpers

    Class: Demoman. Items: Sticky Jumper, Half-Zatoichi.

    Be cautious with your melee, since any melee damage you take while holding it is a one-hit kill. Aim to ambush opponents that have already switched to their Half-Zatoichis. If you unsheath your katana, switching back to the Sticky Jumper will cause you to lose health, so only pull out your melee when you believe you will certainly get a kill. While you have it out, try to hide in an enclosed area so you are not prone to airborne attacks.

    KGB w/ 6-bullet Shotgun

    Class: Heavy. Items: Shotgun +, Killing Gloves of Boxing.

    • Shotgun +
      • 0 secondary ammo
      • 0% max secondary ammo on wearer
    You will be unable to collect any ammo during this mod, so all your 6 shots are incredibly important to land. Do not use the shotgun at long range. Wait until you are within mid-to-close range of your enemy, fire, then switch to your melee once your ammo is depleted.

    M1+M2 Combo

    Class: Engineer. Items: Degreaser, Reserve Shooter +, Axtinguisher.

    • Reserve Shooter +
      • Clip size increased (by unknown value)
      • Each bullet reloads at the speed of a full Pistol reload
    Engineers with Pyro loadouts. Light enemies on fire and airblast them away with the Degreaser, then quickly switch to the Reserve Shooter to get a couple of shots into them while they are in the air. The Axtinguisher isn't as viable as the Reserve Shooter in the case of this mod.

    Mantreads Mario

    Class: Heavy. Items: Rocket Jumper, Mantreads, Fists.

    You are able to Goomba-stomp enemies in this mod using the Rocket Launcher, though do not try to make this your main means of attacking, since missing too often will reduce your HP from fall damage. If you are in an enclosed space or wish to pick off any failing rocket-jumpers, switch to your fists.

    Mini-Sentry Battle [No Strategy]

    Class: Engineer. Items: Scattergun, Gunslinger, PDA.

    Visit rushyservers.com if you want to create a strategy for this mod.

    Needlegun Battle

    Class: Medic. Items: Syringe Gun +, Solemn Vow.

    • Syringe Gun +
      • On Hit: Gain up to +1 health
      • 1000 secondary ammo
    Keep your distance from enemies and sidestep constantly while wielding the syringe gun. It is not advised to hit an enemy more than once with the melee since you become open to attack if not armed with the syringe gun.

    Overclocked Oktoberfest [No Strategy]

    Class: Medic. Items: Overdose, Kritzkrieg, Bonesaw.

    Visit rushyservers.com if you want to create a strategy for this mod.

    Payback is here: Long vs Short range

    RED Class: Pyro. Items: Flame Thrower, Frying Pan.


    BLU Class: Spy. Items: Enforcer, Spy-cicle, Dead Ringer.

    Spies, make sure you are attacking Pyros at long range with your revolver. If you accidentally wind up in close combat with Pyros, escape or flank them with the Dead Ringer.

    Pee Fetish Snipers

    Class: Sniper. Items: Jarate, Bushwacka.

    Avoid being coated in Jarate, since any melee attacks you receive while soaked are basically one-hit kills. There isn't that much else to it.

    Pistol War!

    Class: Engineer. Items: Pistol, Southern Hospitality.

    Always prioritise shooting with the Pistol over hitting enemies with the Southern Hospitality. If your enemy is helplessly distracted, a single hit should do the trick.

    Pyromaniac Spies

    Class: Spy. Items: Sharpened Volcano Fragment, Invis Watch +.

    • Invis Watch +
      • Cloak regen rate increase (by unknown value)
    A backstab will do no more damage than a facestab in this mod. Also be careful if you are on fire, since cloaking will not mask your position. Once you light an enemy spy on fire, back away to avoid return fire.

    Quad Shotgun Heavies

    Class: Heavy. Items: Shotgun +, Bat Outta Hell.

    • Shotgun +
      • +1 bullets (x 9) per shot
      • Increased damage (by unknown value)
      • 1 secondary ammo
    These shotguns are extremely deadly at close range, for it is like firing four shotguns at once. Even so, if you find yourself fighting at long range, do not hesitate to use them, for you will be able to collect ammo while in cover.

    Quick Draw Amby Battle [No Strategy]

    Class: Spy. Items: Ambassador, Big Earner, Dead Ringer.

    Visit rushyservers.com if you want to create a strategy for this mod.

    Randomizer Engies [No Strategy]

    Class: Engineer. Items: Frontier Justice +, Jarate +, Jag.

    • Frontier Justice +
      • Changed from -50% clip size to +66% clip size
      • +25% max primary ammo on wearer
      • Revenge criticals disabled
      • On Hit: +15 damage bonus
      • Oh Hit: Unusual Effect: Nemesis Burst
    • Jarate +
      • Jarate coating disabled
      • On Hit: Bleed for 10 seconds
      • Unusual Effect: Massed Flies
    Rockets vs Reflects

    RED Class: Pyro. Items: Degreaser +, Sharpened Volcano Fragment.

    • Degreaser +
      • -15 airblast cost
      • -90% airblast refire time

    BLU Class: Soldier. Items: Rocket Launcher, Equalizer.

    Soldiers, shoot the ground in front or to the sides of Pyros so it is harder for them to reflect the rockets. Pyros, airblast rockets back at Soldiers and light them on fire, but remember to conserve your ammo.

    Round Robin Rockets

    Class: Soldier. Items: Rocket Launcher +, Shovel.

    • Rocket Launcher +
      • Fire rate increase (by unknown value)
      • On Hit: Gain up to +250 health
      • On Kill: 2 seconds of 100% critical chance
      • Unusual Effect: Green Energy
    Despite the overpowered rocket launcher, this mod still retains regular Soldier gameplay. Spam the ground and walls near an enemy while in an enclosed space, but conserve ammo when attacking outside in order to inflict a second assault (once your enemy lands from the first lot of blasts).

    Saw through their Bones!

    Class: Medic. Items: Medigun +, Ubersaw.

    • Medigun +
      • Decreased ÜberCharge rate on Overhealed patients (by unknown value)
    The optimal rollout is for two equal pacts of Medics to form and immediately charge towards the control point, one with saws out and the other healing those with saws. Once the saw Medics have successfully landed 4 hits, thereby gaining full ÜberCharge from striking enemies, the two pacts should swap roles to pull off successive ÜberCharges. This mod commonly ends in a stalemate, so try your best to gain an advantage over the enemy team by focusing on single targets.

    Short Circuit 2 Good?? [No Strategy]

    Class: Engineer. Items: Short Circuit +, Wrench.

    • Short Circuit +
      • +50% faster firing speed
      • 2000 max metal on wearer
      • Full metal regenerated every 5 seconds on wearer
      • Unusual Effect: Electrostatic
    Visit rushyservers.com if you want to create a strategy for this mod

    Tricksy Quicksy Bombers

    Class: Demoman. Items: Stickybomb Launcher, Powerjack.

    You can choose two different playstyles. The first is to strategically place your stickies, then chase after enemies with the Powerjack and wait for a victim to step on your bombs before detonating. The second playstyle is mashing the fire and detonate buttons, acting as a pseudo-grenade launcher.

    Trust No-one

    Class: Spy. Items: Conniver's Kunai, Enthusiast's Timepiece, Disguise Kit.

    Since you have your Disguise Kit, you should probably disguise as an enemy Spy. Just before you get to the frontlines, turn invisible and move behind your enemies, then decloak at a safe time so that enemy Spies will believe your disguise. A successful backstab will make a killstreak easier to obtain due to how you gain your victim's health. When it comes down to only a few people on one team, disguises are likely not to work, so simply resort to cloaking and butter-knifing.

    Tryhard Mode

    Class: Pyro. Items: Phlogistinator, Bat +.

    • Bat +
      • Increased melee attack range (by unknown value)
    Despite the name and weapons implying a W+M1 playstyle, the Bat now has the hidden power of having slightly more range than the Phlogistinator. This makes it a far better weapon choice than the primary, for you can avoid most flames while still inflicting damage. It is still very important that you do not become outnumbered, for you will surely be disintegrated or whacked to death. In games with a large number of players, have a few Pyros use the primary, for in the event they rack up 300 fire damage, they can activate the Phlogistinator's 10 seconds of guaranteed critical hits by taunting.

    Zombies are free!

    Class: Medic. Items: Amputator.

    At the start of the mod, be sure to heal your teammates in spawn with your Amputator taunt. Once on the frontlines, designate some Medics to be healers, and the rest must attack the enemy and protect the healers at the same time. Do not use your taunt if you are low on health, for your taunt does not heal yourself.
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