Complaint about Matty's command abuse and immaturity

Discussion in '[TF2] Zombie Survival' started by Lord Horris, Dec 1, 2016.

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  1. Lord Horris

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    Nov 29, 2016
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    Hey, I'm here to complain about a frequent player, commonly known as Matty.
    Here is his Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:40313821
    And a link to his profile:

    Matty is a extremely immature player who plays often on the server. He claims to be friends with Rushy and uses this as a threat to intimidate other players. He also uses obscene language and is prone to fits of anger. He cries often over microphone when the game does not go in his favor. Some of the vulgar language which he uses when throwing tantrums or bullying peers includes 'F#CK', 'N#GGER', 'F#CKING F#GGOTS'. Despite the fact that he will whine and rage at other players, he is unable himself to take any form of criticism. While I have no video evidence of Matty's disgusting language and behaviour (other than a screenshot of Matty's type chat), many players (including my friend, RuKupa [STEAM_0:1:78361714]) would agree with me and support my claims of Matty's intolerable behaviour.

    Screenshot of Matty using obscene language in type chat:

    Matty has also attempted to vote ban me and my friend, RuKupa for no sensible reason. He attempted to vote ban me after I asked him to stop being so aggressive and he also attempted to vote ban RuKupa after RuKupa taunted when killing Matty. Me and RuKupa are also frequent players who enjoy the server and game mode. I have screenshots of the two vote ban attempts below.

    Screenshot of Matty attempting to vote ban me:

    Screenshot of Matty attempting to vote ban RuKupa:

    As Matty is using multiple different aliases, check his profile to find the multiple different aliases he has used. However, I will provide a screenshot showing his multiple aliases from his Steam Account.

    Screenshot of Matty's aliases:

    Luckily, neither vote bans went through as the majority of the people on the server realised that there was no legitimate reason to ban either me nor RuKupa.

    Overall, Matty is an immature, extremely sensitive, and over-emotional child. I hope that the server owner and admins consider reprimanding and punishing Matty. It would be good if Matty has his vote ban/kick/mute privileges revoked to avoid further incidents. Proper discipline should also be carried out to end Matty's awful behaviour and use of obscene and offensive language.

    Thank you for reading this complaint.
  2. Rushy

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    Oct 1, 2016
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    Ah same person. Copy and paste from your other post on steam:

    "I have revoked his access to voteban and vote mute, I will add some more words to the filter later"
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