Bonus round idea: The Predator

Discussion in '[TF2] Zombie Survival' started by Moonie, Jun 26, 2020.

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    Essentially a version of Hidden for Medics.

    The idea is that one Medic, the predator, is in the round. The medic is invisible and has tank-like HP (maybe make it depend on the amount of engineers).
    The Engineers get access to all their weapons arsenal, however they can't build buildings (to prevent them just nesting against the predator) and healthpacks don't spawn on the map.
    The goal for the Engis is to kill the predator, for the predator the goal is to kill all the engineers.

    Ways I see how this mode could be balanced are:
    - Give medic crits, so that a hit is instant kill;
    - Give engineers a "proximity compass", which tells them that the predator is near, but doesn't tell exactly how far away is the predator & which direction.
    - The engineers after dying can spectate only other engineers
    (Added in on 27th June) - The medic gets uninvisible'd after swinging/killing, like in hidden

    I think this is a pretty fun bonus round idea, and would certainly be good as we don't have any medic-focused bonus rounds.
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