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Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Michal, Feb 12, 2018.

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  1. Michal

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    Feb 12, 2018
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    Servers: Zombie Survival Europe/UK

    Average hours spent on our servers in a week (Split by type if applying for multiple server types): i only play on Zombies... like 5-6 hours each day, but in a week it should be 30-31 hours each week.

    Country and State: Iceland Egillstadir

    Languages: English/Iceland/Polish

    Age: 17

    Steam link:

    Rushy Servers Stats link:

    Understanding: This gamemode works like zombies vs plants. Red are plants and Blues are zombies trying to kill red, reds are trying to survive. Reds can build a rogother a big wall with their dispenser and make it hard for zombies and they can always have a escape plan don't they?. Teleporters that red can use when zombies come thru. Zombies get stronger every like 2 or 4 minutes, When zombies are gonna be stronger.

    Moderator Experience: I have been Admin on a Garrysmod server, but on TF2 because i never did know that hey needed someone to the staff.

    Additional Information: My Name is Michal, I'm from poland but i live in Iceland for some reason... i read much and of course i go to school like a normal kid and i work almost each day, but not in monday, that's they day that i don't work because then i got free., but i never had been staff on tf2 server, But i was HeadAdmin on GarrysMod Hide And Seek, and i would like to try be staff on TF2. :)
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  2. Jack5

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    Feb 17, 2017
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    Your moderator application has been refused because you clearly do not have enough experience with the gamemode. Please play for a few more months on end, then create a new application.
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