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Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Lilly Satou, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Servers: I shall be applying to Rushy's Zombie server in California.

    Average hours spent on our servers in a week: It really depends on my schedule and what i have to do in the week. But i'd say around 10-20 or 20-30 hours a week.

    Country and State: I currently reside in Manila in the Philippines, i was born in France however.

    Language: English

    Age: 37

    Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/deadkickman/

    Rushy Servers Stats link: Link to your Rushy Servers Gameme stats profile (http://stats.rushyservers.com):http://stats.rushyservers.com/playerinfo/80880

    It is pretty simple, Engineers try to survive from a horde of Undead Medics. While Medics try to kill every single Engineer before time runs out. I play it specifically by constructing dispenser fortresses to make sure i survive. But most importantly it's all about having fun.

    Based on my experience, the average round is packed with the majority of the engineers running towards the bigger pack and building dispenser nests in an area they think they can easily defend. Whereas the medics mostly just try to destroy the dispensers with their melees. There's also that one Engineer who refuses to go on with the pack and hides in an area few people would even think of checking out.

    My Experience as a zombie however, i usually take start telling my team things to do and listen to what they have to say, If i see that my fellow Medics are having a difficult time getting through a nest, i would usually get on chat to tell everyone to gather up in one position and then strike when there's enough Medics. I usually head to the Engineers Spawn to pick off a few AFK Engineers if there's any.

    I think i can benefit it by encouraging Engineers to formulate more advanced strategies such as making full use of there dispensers and planning things out instead of making nest in an area they think is safe. I would like to encourage more technical game play when i play on the servers and rid the servers from hackers if the servers were to get raided by hackers.

    Moderator Experience: I currently do not have any Moderator Experience. But i believe that is something that can change.

    Additional Information:
    I've played TF2 for about since 2011 (Though i have played on other accounts) and i main the Medic class. I play Medic because i like to help my team and i enjoy the great moments i get when playing Medic such as those outstanding Crossbow shots, surprising ubers, and dramatic and fierce chargers. Another reason for my main being Medic is due to the Countless things to do. At the start you're over healing every single teammate of yours then quickly you run around dodging the countless amounts of bullets and rockets while healing multiple people at a time and constantly switching from the Medi gun to the Crossbow. My source of an income is by selling things online.

    Thank you so much for reading my moderator application. I wish you a wonderful day!
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    I approve of the structure and content of this moderator application. That's one out of two pins down. It's all up to Rushy.
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