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  1. sanity

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    Jul 5, 2018
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    U.S. Zombie Survival servers, mainly California #1
    Average hours spent on our servers per week:
    average 11 or more hours a week
    Country and State:
    USA, California

    Steam profile:
    Rushy Servers Stats link:

    Zombie Survival is a gamemode where the RED team are restricted to engineers while the BLU team have to be medics. The starting select amount of zombies to survivor ratio is around 1:3. The medics only have their melee weapons to their disposable, while engineers can build any of their buildings except sentries. To give zombies a help, they are given a double jump, and a few zombies are chosen to become a juggernaut. When zombies are around a juggernaut, they gain a slight buff. At the start of the round, when zombies are chosen, survivors, or the engineers, have 30 seconds to set-up, while zombies are stuck inside their spawn until the outbreak begins. Once the outbreak starts, zombies are free to leave and start hunting down the engineers. The goal of the engineer is to survive until the round ends, which is 390 seconds after the outbreak begins, while the zombie's goal is to hunt and kill all the remaining engineers before the round ends. To aid zombies, at 120 seconds left they are permaboosted, giving them increase jump height and speed. Once zombies kill an engineer, they join the zombie team.

    Because the goal of the engineer is to survive until the round ends, they often want to gather up and group in a spot that is efficient to fortify with their building and kill off incoming zombies. There are many maps in the rotation and different good/bad spots in the map that could be used in the engineers favor. Engineers are encouraged tp help each other build and upgrade buildings, and protect eachother from medics trying to break in. Its good to find a spot where it is hard to access and could be a nice choke point where it is hard for the zombies to break in. Often there are other playstyles as an engineer, such as wanting to go around the map being a lonewolf and defend for themselves, hiding in a uncommon and easily undetectable spots where zombies won't often looks, or getting in hard to get spots (which require precise crouch jumping or strafing)
    Since the medic's goal is to elimate the enemy team, they need to hunt and destroy their bases until time runs out. Being restricted to a melee weapon seems hard, and it is. Zombies should also be gathering up and trying to overwhelm survivors and breach their defenses. For other playstyles on the engineer team, Its best to look around the map or away from the nest to see anyone alone, out of the group.

    For my engineer playstyle, I would often go to these obcsure spots where it is hard for zombies to find and get in, while as zombie I usually try and coordinate large pushes with my team and overcome the survivor's bases.

    My focus is to try and keep what the community has given me so far.
    I joined in with fun people and I enjoyed being in the server. So my goal is to stay active (depends on school, upcoming senior) and keep the fun and peace on the server. There is a reason for an moderator role to exist. I want to let other players enjoy playing on the server, and punish those who (somehow) don't have decent etiquette and common sense.

    Moderator Experience:
    My friend owned a Sledbuild server on Garry's Mod maybe in like early 2014 when sledbuild was popular, and I co-owned it in 2016. Our server had pretty well community, having maybe 20 people regularly come on everyday. I hopped on for 3+ hours a day and kept it peaceful and friendly, punishing those who propspammed. micspammed, etc.
    In 2016, I was a Admin for a GMOD Jailbreak Server because I regularly came on and saw an fun community and wanted to keep it clean. It had the same job as above, usually had to take care of guards who had no mics, micspammed, griefed, freekilled, etc. Left after a year because it died lol.

    Additional Information:
    Usually just play games on my computer or my switch. Starting to get back into gaming because I meet new, nice people on community servers like these. Besides playing games, I usually just chill with my dog or play sports with my friends irl. I like playing tennis as im varity singles and got hit in the nose once and bled for a few minutes. that was fun.

    Thanks for reading my input!
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  2. Lilly Satou

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    Mar 5, 2018
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    Thank you for applying.

    However, we are not looking for any more moderators in the Australia and California Zombie Survival region. You should apply for other servers other than the Australia and California Zombie Survival servers and it will be up to Rushy to decide wheter he wishes to accept your application or not.
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  3. Malcolm Black

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    Feb 13, 2018
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    This guy is bad. He should become a moderator when a spot opens.

    I approve.
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