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    I did the Malaysia Industry Story tour for two main reasons, the first was experiencing another country for the first time as it was my first time out of Australia. The second was doing the internship, so that I could gain experience in the IT industry. Even though it was a completely different area in IT to what I want a career in.

    Traveling increases our knowledge and widens our perspective (, 2017). I was able to experience new food, culture and a way of life. I was able to adapt very easily to Malaysia, the only difficulty I had was that some of the food was very spicy and I had to get used to that.

    The employability skills I wanted to work on where my adaptability, time management, problem-solving and technical skills.

    The internship at trading post allowed me to work on adaptability, problem-solving and technical skills. The type of work I did at the internship was programming mixed with some research tasks, the main pieces that allowed me to work on these skills are below.

    One of my first pieces of programming work that I was given was creating a program that incorporated in trading post’s ticketing system that automated tasks that would of normally been done manually. The Development Manager explained to me how the system worked, and which things he wanted automated. I was able to get help from a fellow developer with help creating the program in javascript when I needed assistance and furthermore with setting up an Amazon Lamba Server, where we both actually learned about that technology.

    When I was asking for assistance from the fellow developer and talking to the Development Manager I was able to work on my communication skills, both verbally and electronically via instant messaging services. Successful careers require the ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. Language is a powerful force, people in the workplace need to communicate quickly and effectively in messages sent by e-mail and verbally (Stevens, 2005 pg 2)

    See this link for more information:

    When creating this piece of code, I was just given the scenario and I had to solve how to make the scenario a reality aka problem-solving. “Solving problems is a complex cognitive skill that characterizes one of the most intelligent human activities, we acquire information about past events and organize this information into structures of knowledge in our memories. These structures of knowledge comprise bodies of understanding, and how we solve the problems that confront us in everyday life and in our jobs.” (Chi, 1983, pg 1).

    Working on it also improved two of my other skills of adaptability and technical skills, as I learned new technologies, programming languages and new ways on how to code.

    Another example of improving my adaptability skill was how I had to learn how to use a new programming language such as Angular2 for the project where us interns had to recreate the existing website using this new programming language.

    See here for more information:

    My own business helped me develop my time management skill, this was due to being in country I still had to work on it. Two scenarios come to mind which I was forced to make decisions on what work to do. The internship projects, study tour assignments or my own business. “Time Management plays a critical part in the workplace. It can have a big importance on whether you will be successful or not and this applies to whatever industry you are in. Time Management allows you to effectively manage your time and know how to make the most of it.” (, 2017)

    One of these problems was when a fellow player bought my attention to a bug which disrupted gameplay on a massive scale. Basically there are two teams a ‘zombie’ side and the other ‘survivors’, the zombie team are supposed to be team restricted to a class called medic while the survivors are set to be a class called engineers. One of these bugs allowed a survivor to change team while keeping the engineer class along with a gun. I had to set everything aside to work on this, it was during a time when our group was getting together to work on our group presentation (Assessment 2a). I told the other group members I needed some time to work out some major issues, which they where fine with. It took me a total of about 30 minutes to fix and deploy, which in that time the group members where only brain storming their ideas for the assessment.

    The second issue was while doing the full-time internship I also had to work on my own business in regards to infrastructure and having to purchase and set up a new dedicated server in Sydney to replace the dedicated server that I won 12 months free rental on last year. Or else be charged $850 a month for old hardware, where the one I bought was about ¼ the cost and much greater performance. I had to migrate most of my Australian services and infrastructure to this new server and to the raspberry pi (A small credit card sized computer) I have at home.

    Which in a way allowed me to work on my financial and decision making skills. “The ability to make effective decisions is a good leadership skill that earns favor with employers and can help you gain promotions. A healthy level of assertiveness at the right moments can strengthen your workplace relationships and reduce your long-term stress.” (, 2017). Another example of this was during the internship a fellow developer told me to do things his way, however I was able to think about my own solution to the problem which turned out to be much simpler and more effective.

    This was during the last week at the internship, so what I did was finish most of my work I had to do for the angular2 project and after that work on security and implement the move of services. This task is still on going, but I had to finish this report so I can have a clear mind to continue on my business and expand it much further.

    In conclusion the study tour allowed me to work on a lot of employability skills that I will be able to continue to use.

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