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    All applications may have a 1-3 week delay after a successful initial review before Moderator status is applied. In order to apply, you must have 500+ hours in Team Fortress 2 (visible on Steam profile), and 1+ days of total connection time (visible on Rushy Server Stats profile).

    Servers: australia idle
    Average hours spent on our servers per week: <over 2 alts more that 1.276 hours

    Country and State: <australia/victoria>
    Languages: <english>
    Age: <age 18>

    Steam profile: <l>
    Rushy Servers Stats link: <>

    Understanding: the sever to me a place to relax and make new friends and farm strange points

    Moderator Experience: none that's way i am doing this
    Additional Information: i have no moderators as a friend tho it would be nice to know some more people i work at a gun store and i restore guns to working order and i play some NFL in my spare time
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    Hello, I advise you to re-read this part of the moderator application template and fix your application:
    Understanding: <detailed explanation of how you think the gamemode you are applying for is played, how you play specifically, and how you wish to benefit it in the future, four paragraphs or more required>
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    thats WAY to little info and as matthew said did you read the template if you have not then READ IT and make a big edit and the edit should include a Rushy Servers Stats link and a Steam profile link plus a Understanding of the server and Moderator Experience and Additional Information or be declined plus we currently we are not looking for any moderators for the Australian Trade/Idle Server so if you pass you will be put on hold for the time being
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    Hey pronoob, I have approve, i can see you will be a great mod for idle