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    EDIT: Changed statistic link (thanks Akara) + added a bit more information

    I'd like to apply for a Moderator Position. I'm currently tracking past at least 1 year in the Community (most of that was spent outside the forum and Discord unfortunately).

    I play on the Australian, Californian (not as often) and the UK Servers for Zombie Survival
    Average hours spent on our servers per week: I'm not entirely sure, I reckon around 5 hours average per weekday and around 6-7 hours per weekend. Pretty much around 40 hours per week, though I'm mostly more active on weekends.

    Country and State: Western Australia, Australia (my ping doesn't suffer TOO much on the UK Server, and I haven't been auto-kicked from it while playing due to Ping)
    Languages: English
    Age: 16 years old

    Steam profile:
    Rushy Servers Stats link:

    Zombie Survival is a Rushy Server game mode that centres around times survivability. Two teams, the Blu Team consisting of Medics and the Red Team consisting of Engineers, are each placed with different tasks they must accomplish within this time. The Red Team has to survive a maximum of around 300 seconds (excluding set up time), while the Blu Team must kill everyone on the Red Team within the same time limit. Engineers are unable to build sentries unless specified otherwise in one of the game's bonus rounds, and are free to use all tools and weapons within their arsenal, whereas Medics are stripped down to just their melee arsenal. All weapons within the game mode have been buffed, nerfed or changed in order to make the gameplay fair and balanced, and as such can lead to interesting strategies in either defence of a nest or taking one down.

    The game mode also consists of various bonus rounds, some of these including 'No Dispensers', 'Melee Only' and more. The game mode over the years has had players develop different forms of playing this game, and as such three popular play styles of ZS exist. These are:
    Camper: A popular method to play ZS. It is the most common form of victory for the Red Team and relies on team work and coordination to keep the nest afloat. Medics need to exercise these same values of team work and coordination in order to take down these nests.
    Hider: A common method to play ZS, but not as common as the Camper. Hiders tend to hide by themselves or in small groups and tend to avoid conflict unless they need to.
    Roamer: An uncommon but ineffective method to play ZS. This requires players to stay out in the open and generally move from one spot to another without hiding nor camping with others. They are usually the first few players to die.

    I play Zombie Survival as more of a camper than a hider or roamer. I tend to try to stay relatively close to the fight as possible should it arrive, and I always try to prioritise in trying to save another play should they be swamped by Medics. As a Medic, I tend to wait for larger numbers in order to strike, and I find ways to get into a nest or take it down, regardless if anyone else listens to me or not

    How I wish to benefit Zombie Survival in the future is to help players, both veteran and new to the game mode, enjoy their time playing it. I want to make sure that everything seems fair for all. I also wish to help out with weapon balances, map testing and more in the future to help the game mode grow.

    Moderator Experience: Unfortunately I have not had any experience with being a Moderator on TF2. I am a Moderator for a Discord Channel that is still active, and I have experience running a channel if that helps/counts too.
    • Additional Information: I have been in 2 musicals in school. These were:
      - Oliver in 2016. I played one role in this musical and sang one song. I was a workhouse child.
      -Disco Inferno in 2018. I played a Principal Villain in this musical
    • I attend Drama Club after school on Tuesday, and Choir after school Thursdays this is subject to change under the discretion of my Choir Teacher
    • I draw sometimes
    • I have a semi-active YouTube Channel under the same name
    • In regards to moderator friends, I think I'm friends with the following
      - Jack5 (not 100% sure)
      - Lily Satou (not 100% sure)
      - Any other moderator I don't remember making friends with if I have any other moderator friends
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    I changed my privacy settings and edited the Statistic link