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    Currently we are not looking for any Moderators for the Australia and California Zombie Survival region as well for the Australian Trade/Idle Server - however if you apply for these regions and actively play on other multiple regions that will be favorable. That said if you do apply for it or any other server types in the future that fall into this category, your application will be placed on hold.

    All applications may have a 1-3 week delay after a successful initial review before Moderator status is applied. In order to apply, you must have 500+ hours in Team Fortress 2 (visible on Steam profile), and 1+ days of total connection time (visible on Rushy Server Stats profile).

    Servers: <specific servers you play on most frequently>
    Average hours spent on our servers per week: <split by type if applying for multiple server types>

    Country and State: <must be relevant to chosen servers>
    Languages: <must include english>
    Age: <must be 16+>

    Steam profile: <link goes here>
    Rushy Servers Stats link: <link to your gameme profile at>

    Understanding: <detailed explanation of how you think the gamemode you are applying for is played, how you play specifically, and how you wish to benefit it in the future, four paragraphs or more required>

    Moderator Experience: <any past administrator experiences you might have have>
    Additional Information: <examples: hobbies, extra-curriculum activities, current moderator friends>
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