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    Due to the popularity of the Australian and Californian Zombie Survival TF2 servers, all moderator applications for these servers will be put on hold until a time positions are open.

    All applications will be subject to an extended wait time after a successful initial review before moderator status is considered. This is done to ensure the application is long-standing and trustworthy. In order to apply, you must have your game history public on Steam with 750+ hours in Team Fortress 2, as well as 1 day and 12:00:00 hours+ of total connection time on your public Rushy Servers gameME profile.

    Copy and paste everything below into a new thread and fill out all necessary information with as much detail as possible.

    Servers: <specific servers you play on frequently and wish to moderate>
    Average hours spent on our servers per week: <split by type if applying for multiple server types>

    Country and State: <must be relevant to chosen servers>
    Languages: <must include English>
    Age: <16+ preferably>

    Steam profile: <link goes here>
    Rushy Servers Stats link: <link to your gameME profile at>

    Understanding: <detailed explanation of how you think the gamemode you are applying for is played, how you play specifically, and how you wish to benefit it in the future, four paragraphs or more required>

    Moderator Experience: <any past administrator experiences you might have have>
    Additional Information: <examples: hobbies, extra-curriculum activities, current moderator friends>
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