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Discussion in 'Zombie Survival' started by maybejustmaybe, Mar 7, 2019.

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    I'm not up to date with anything. No idea if my idea has been suggested, no idea if the wrangler has already been changed and no idea if this is even where I post my idea. Even so, i'll post it anyway and if anyone sees this please tell me everything. Thank you. I posted this on the steam group too.

    Do we suggest weapon balances here? I have an idea for the wrangler if so. Make it sort of like that king powerup. You get a passive regeneration and your movement speed is increased by 15%. This effect lasts 5-10 seconds and recharges every 30 seconds. (Passive Regeneration is maybe 1-5 health per second?) Maybe a deploying and holstering debuff. No clue.

    I also have another idea. What if eqquiping the Wrangler allows you to tank three hits instead of four? Or maybe eqquipping the wrangler allows you to build a better dispenser or teleporter with more efficient healing in exchange for only being able to tank one hit? I dunno these are some of my ideas. Probably been suggestsed though.

    Still not even sure if this is where I post it. If someone sees this comment tell me where I should post this? Thanks. (This message was entirely copied and pasted from my steam announcement comment.
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