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  1. Mr BOmbastic

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    Feb 7, 2018
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    Servers: Australia Idle/Trade Server #1 (
    Average hours spent on our servers per week: 2-3 Hours Depending on the number of players on at the time. weekends at most 6. I am currently hitting 990 hours on tf2 as of 23rd of October 2018

    Country and State: Australia > Victoria

    Languages: English and Partial French
    Age: 16 and about half a year (from 23/10/2018)

    Steam profile:

    Rushy Servers Stats link:

    Understanding: I got this wrong Last time. Now I think the game mode and or Style of gameplay on Idle servers are more for strange farming, general trading, and item farming.

    my two playstyle is memer so basically fish scouts and trolldier. Tryhard (partially) so just killing people other than friends

    As well it's a great place for players to duel. as well as a friendly spot for friendly players.

    I hope to benefit Rushy by being a fun person that people want to hang around.

    Moderator Experience: None. just none.
    Additional Information: My hobbies other than tf2 and games are engineering/tinkering woodworking with my dad.

    I know that you aren't accepting Applications right now but I do spend a lot of time on rushy and i hope that you may consider it.
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    Apr 7, 2018
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    Sorry for the late reply as i have been busy, but this application isn't up to standards and doesn't have my approval. Please put more detail in the paragraphs. Also by "benefiting Rushy Servers" tell us how you would help Rushy Servers. What you said would mostly benefit you, not our servers. You can happily try and apply again but if it gets denied you will have to wait months before reapplying again.
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