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  1. bmandavis
    Still a new member thats fun
  2. Cutie Bum
    Cutie Bum
    Regular player on Rushy Server
  3. Jack5
    Mind Games (ft. David Bailey)
  4. Ayden
    Ayden Jack5
    I am Actually a big fan of his youtube channel
  5. Dr.lag-switch
    oi im new here
  6. SweetCookie500
  7. SweetCookie500
    2 days...I'm really excited :)
  8. Bread
    Fighting zombies in carbohydrate form
  9. KURO
    I am not a furry...
  10. KURO
    KURO DoMessWithProfile
    im your best friend
  11. :///
    killing myself
  12. 2-D
    I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad. I got sunshine in a bag. I'm useless but not for long. My future is coming on.
  13. HᴼBᴼ Ƙ̲ҽ̲ɾ̲ʍ̲í̲Ե
    HᴼBᴼ Ƙ̲ҽ̲ɾ̲ʍ̲í̲Ե Rushy
    salutations rushy:
    May I make an "official" Discord server for rushy? All about Rushys medics vs engieneers?
    Of course, prime admin will be you, and there will be multiple servers for donations, questions, or just other sorts of wacky tacky crap. ITs up to you. Respond when you have the time
    ~ Your boi,

    Discord server: [Removed]
    1. Rushy
      Aug 20, 2018
    2. HᴼBᴼ Ƙ̲ҽ̲ɾ̲ʍ̲í̲Ե
      HᴼBᴼ Ƙ̲ҽ̲ɾ̲ʍ̲í̲Ե
      ok, But may I include a second one for just Zombie Survival?
      Aug 21, 2018
    3. Rushy
      In the official discord group there is already a chat channel dedicated to Zombie Survival.
      Aug 28, 2018
  14. SweetCookie500
  15. Jack5
    Jack5 Hackney
    Thank you for attempting to avoid your punishment by providing a trade offer link instead of your Steam profile, which ended up revealing your Steam profile's name either way. Your punishment has been increased to two weeks based on our review of your behaviour on our servers. If you continue this behaviour after your ban has expired, you will be permanently banned.
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    2. Jack5
      If you know how to provide a trade offer link, then you obviously know how to provide a Steam profile link and are not doing so in an attempt to avoid punishment. There is no other way to describe your actions. Your punishment is not over spawn protection, but rather over a multitude of other issues regarding your behaviour, which do not need to be discussed, because I know you are aware of everything you have done.
      Aug 8, 2018
    3. Hackney
      I did not know how to provide a trade link,I had to search around to find out how to do it.I had to look it up to find it,but obviously I was doing it incorrectly.Again you are assuming.I really do not care what you think,quite frankly.Again,it would be good if you had replied when I asked you
      Aug 8, 2018
    4. Hackney
      If it is not over “spawn protection”,why are they continually asking me to “leave” spawn protection? As I alluded to in a previous post,no other server that I know of does this except your server.
      Aug 8, 2018
  16. Jack5
    Jack5 Hackney
    Please provide a link to your Steam profile so the ban can be investigated.
    1. Hackney
      Aug 5, 2018
  17. Lilly Satou
    RAMEN KING BananaWillRule
    bannana its me ramen
  19. DoMessWithProfile
  20. Tactic