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  1. Mr. Daddy
    Mr. Daddy
    Finals week until the end of the month. I want to play but I need to pass my exams.
  2. SweetCookie500
    SweetCookie500 Pybro
    Happy Birthday :)
  3. SweetCookie500
    If Life Was a Video Game, I'd Play It More Often
  4. SweetCookie500
    SweetCookie500 Lilly Satou
    Happy Birthday :)
  5. Purple Fish
    Purple Fish
    im Purple Fish
  6. Jack5
  7. BoxusMaximus
    BoxusMaximus [HOLY - CLASS] COKE
    hello and welcome to rushy servers (ᵔᴥᵔ)
  8. bmandavis
    bmandavis Rushy
    Hey Rushy how do you work out when some one first joined a server because id like to know the date I first joined your awesome box server
    1. Rushy
      Apr 21, 2019
      bmandavis likes this.
    2. bmandavis
      Awesome thanks for that Rushy
      Apr 21, 2019
  9. iDestroyXboX
  10. ruusu
  11. Mr. Daddy
    Mr. Daddy
    Still don't know what i'm doing
  12. ruusu
    ruusu iDestroyXboX
    add me on steam
  13. ruusu
  14. ruusu
    ruusu lucas1911
    why did you gag me
  15. Nicholae Etherblaze
  16. Roasty++
  17. Skaldas
    wut r u casul?
  18. Can of Soda
    Can of Soda
    Wot? are you reading this?
  19. Cutie Bum
  20. Cutie Bum
    Cutie Bum
    I had to evacuate from my home because of flood warnings and no power. So I won’t be moderating until next week when I get power back