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  1. Roasty++
  2. Skaldas
    wut r u casul?
  3. Can of Soda
    Can of Soda
    Wot? are you reading this?
  4. Cutie Bum
  5. Cutie Bum
    Cutie Bum
    I had to evacuate from my home because of flood warnings and no power. So I won’t be moderating until next week when I get power back
  6. hechno
    hechno Rushy
    Hello Rushy , Can you help with the classic scoreboard issue. thx mate
  7. Xxx_$_medic_main_$_xxX
    Rushy please could you add mountain lab to medics vs engineers?
  8. Tactic
    Tactic Lilly Satou
    F A R M
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    2. Lilly Satou
      Lilly Satou
      farming is life
      Jan 19, 2019
  9. Roasty++
    hello gamers
  10. Cutie Bum
    Cutie Bum
    Killing Floor 2 Anti-Cheat need an update.
  11. Naleksuh
    why should everyone else get to know what i'm looking at. that's like if someone planted cameras inside your eye balls.
    1. Naleksuh
      is there a privacy setting to turn that off
      Jan 9, 2019
  12. Naleksuh
    Naleksuh Rushy
    hey i sent you some messages on steam if you want to come out of offline mode to read them :P
  13. Matthew Greer
  14. Cutie Bum
  15. Lilly Satou
    Lilly Satou dealsanddiscount
    Please refrain from spamming the forums.
  16. rectalcitrus
    hope they implement "The Nuclear Solution" MvE proposed changes.
  17. rectalcitrus
    uwu kinky shit incoming
  18. TheTf2Smurf
    TheTf2Smurf Akara Anime
    if you like to voice chat we can talk like civil people
  19. TheTf2Smurf
    sad i was false banned
  20. bmandavis
    Still a new member thats fun